The World’s Secret Nuclear Program: Myanmar

Burma Military Nuclear Program

A five-year investigation by the Democratic Voice of Burma has revealed evidence suggesting the military regime in Myanmar (or Burma) is developing a nuclear weapon. After the defection of Major Sai Thein Win from Myanmar, hundreds of photographs and testimony were disclosed, showing high-level involvement from the Burmese military with the aid of North Korea. The below videos via Al Jazeera go in further depth to the expanding nuclear program:

Part 1

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

As reported by the Washington Times, Myanmar trying for nuke:

Myanmar’s military rulers are attempting to build a nuclear weapon, according to a report based on information provided by a former major in Myanmar’s army. But analysts say the program is primitive and poorly planned.

The report, commissioned by the dissident group Democratic Voice of Burma, says while success may be beyond Myanmar’s reach, “the intent is clear.” It says its analysis leads to “only one conclusion: this technology is only for nuclear weapons and not civilian use or nuclear power.”

The Burmese Junta is following the North Korean model of maintaining it’s grip on power via high levels of military investment. In preparation of the oncoming election, vast, interconnected tunnels are being built in case of civilian unrest. Indeed, weapons inspectors and Burmese experts that the development of nuclear weapons may be as much for use against internal dissidents as external threats.

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