Game 5 Liveblogging

Well the Obamarama finished, now it’s time for baseball!

It’s bottom of the 6th because that northeaster destroyed the end.

The Phils managed to score somehow, and now lead 3-2.

Howard pops out to end after a great job baserunning. It’s ad time baby.

ESPN China has some ads about UEFA, that shits pretty interesting. Anyone want to go see the Red Bulls?

Top 7 – Ryan Madson on to pitch, 1.50 ERA in the postseason. That’s pretty good. Whenever I see an anomalous stat though, I always wonder if they are due for a correction.

Navarro goes down on strikes, I guess that 1.50 ERA might not be an anomaly.

Homer! Baldelli hits it over the fence. It was due. 3-3 game.

Base hit. Rays pitcher Howell is up with one on. God that was a bad bunt attempt. Well he got the job done. Runner moves to second. Pitcher change.

Damn fine play at home by the second baseman. Heads up play not throwing to first with the runner from second trying to score. We go to the bottom side.


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  1. alec says:

    You love hardcore porn Kit. What’s up with that? What kind of perverted chat is this???

  2. alec says:

    Shit, now our sweet game is stuck. And I’m stuck here with you.

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