Refugees Herded Into Camps Love American-Manufactured Phosphorous

It’s been confirmed: all the white phosphorous dumped onto Gazans by Israel (which children deserve because they hate freedom) came from American manufactures:

The human rights group said the Israeli military had used white phosphorus in densely populated civilian areas, which it said was an indiscriminate form of attack and a war crime. Its researchers found white phosphorus still burning in residential areas days after the ceasefire.

At the scene of an Israeli attack that killed three Palestinian paramedics and a boy in Gaza City on 4 January, Amnesty found fragments of an AGM114 Hellfire missile, made by Hellfire Systems of Orlando, a joint venture of Lockheed Martin and Boeing. The missile is often fired from Apache helicopters

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  1. luisa Da Silva says:

    After the Saddam Hussein’s trial where he got the death penalty, Amnesty International who attended the trial said that he did not get a fair trial and the verdict should be annulled and Saddam be retried. This was in a 100-page report. Nothing happened. Now the same organization is is compiling evidence proving that both sides (Hamas and Israel) committed war crimes. I’ll bet nothing will come out of these reports unfortunately. Now Amnesty calls for arms embargo against Israel. What do you think will happen? Nothing. Pentagon is very much involved in selling arms to Israel and very involved in most of the invasions by Israel, either in Lebanon, West Bank or Gaza. More, after Ehud Olmert resigned in Sept. he went to visit Russia and asked Russia not to sell arms to its enemies, that is Syria and Iran. Why is Israel entitled to invade and occupy other nations and cannot defend themselves against the agressor.

  2. Ex Soldier says:

    No matter how you look at it liars cannot and will not make peace just as egotistical bastards will never be successful in leading their countries

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