Boners and Bigots (A New Fox News Collaboration)

Salon has an article today about how impotence may be related to… girls being slutty? Apparently some beefcakes had boner problems, and this translated into an article about loose as a goose caboose being the culprit. As members of the Yuppie Death March, post-college graduates should actively seek out to relive their glory days of binge drinking and awkward sexual encounters (bravo, manwhores & sluts). Also, check out my less-than-sensical response.

Slate asks an even more question: are you racist because you hate rap? And the answer is yes, if the PC police have their way. They and the liberal media are primarily out to get you. So lock your children in basement with an iPod and a bible, because otherwise they may become intelligent human beings. And that is NOT what America is all about.

In the sidenote of the day, the New Yorker has a piece on how Nigerians can scam seemingly rich-turned-retarded Americans out of their money. Woops!


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