Fat, Unpleasant American Sex (I forgot the adjective stupid too)

The Huffington Post has an interesting article on how the Democrats should combat questions of privacy versus the ever-present fear of being called ‘unpatriotic’. Basically, Americans are too dumb to decipher patriotism against propoganda, so we need to dumb down the debate to ‘we aren’t at war, so our privacy shouldn’t be at stake’, instead of ‘our privacy and rights should never be at stake’.

In other news, Montenegro has voted for independence from Serbia. Also, there are protest babes (wait — are these protest babes, independence babes, or freedom babes?).

And on the topics of babes, Americans are apparently as bad at sex as they are at eating. Mr. Rapaille provides one of the better quotes of living in America instead of France: “Now, I choose to be American because I’d rather be part of an adolescent culture than a senile culture.” And an even better one about religion in America:

Religion in America is Disney World. We’re not really serious about it the way the Muslims are. We just want some rituals, we have so many different brands of religion. We like the stories about it and talking about what they say and don’t say. It’s little stories for children. When in Kansas they try to stop the teaching of evolution, it’s like at Disney World. If you are in the Mickey Mouse costume, the rule is that you never take off your mask. You’re not supposed to show in public that there is a real guy under the mask. That’s religion in America; let the people keep their illusions. Don’t show the reality.


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