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“We’re supposed to love everybody and accept people, and preach against the sins. I’ve had some friends that are actually homosexual. And, I mean, they know where I stand, and they know that I wouldn’t have them anywhere near my children.”

Joe the Plumber, on what it means to be a compassionate conservative

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Pope Ron Paul Speaks: Sucks To Your Swine Flu!

Full transcript:

News Anchor: One person who didn’t go along with the government program back in 1976 was a freshman Congressman, a doctor from Texas, none other than Ron Paul. Well, tonight I spoke with him about swine flu then and now.

So Congressman, you’ve been through all of this before, you saw it back then, you saw what happened now. What’s your take on it? Are we doing too much? Are we overhyping this? Meaning all of us, the media and the government.

Ron Paul: Yes, they are. It’s overblown, grossly so. And I just wish people would back off a little bit, stop and think for a minute and not panic people. There’s too much hysteria in the country, and so far there hasn’t been that much danger, so the sooner we get calmer the better off we are.

News Anchor: So take us through it. It was back in 1976, I believe. You were a freshman Congressman. Take us through what happened. The same sort of thing: swine flu. People were concerned about it. Talk to me about it.

Ron Paul: In 1976 I was sworn in in a special election and I obviously was very new to the situation. It was at that time that Ford was running against Reagan and it was a tight race and it was politicized and the flu came in and it was a big deal. We had a vote to indicate that we should inoculate everybody in the country. Medically it made no sense to me and politically it sounded like a bad deal. There were two of us who voted against it, another doctor, Dr. Larry McDonald, and I. I said it was bad medicine, it was bad politics, and it turned out that it was pretty perceptive because we only had one person die from the flu, and that might have been from other reasons. 25 people died from the inoculations.

News Anchor: So if you were in charge, what would you do?

Ron Paul: I would probably do a lot less and just think about it and see if there is any need to do anything at all. This idea that government has to come to the rescue I think is more or less a reflection that we have too many people in government that like the idea that they have to justify their existence. So whether it’s in foreign policy, scare the people to death, create fear, then you can do what you want. If it was an economic crisis scare the people to death and then you can socialize the economy. In medicine, scare the people to death and then you’ll say, “Oh, only the government can take care of us”.

So, I think a lot of that is happening and we’re on the move to socialized medicine, so we’re scaring the people and saying, “The only people that can save us will be the government”.

News Anchor: What’s your response? What have people said to you since you made this video and you came out and said, “Hey you know what, tempt this down a little bit, come on lets stand back and don’t be so crazy about this”. What have people said to you?

Ron Paul: You know what, I have to tell you the honest truth, I have not had one person say to me that I have undermined anything about dealing with this problem. Everybody comes up and say, “You know, that’s exactly what I thought. It’s about time somebody said it. It is just an attempt for government to scare the people”.

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that might disagree, and I don’t downplay the seriousness. As a physician, I don’t say there is no danger at all whatsoever, but you got to put it in perspective. If you put in perspective of HIV and AIDS and tuberculosis and all these things, really it’s a total non-event.

News Anchor: There we go. Everything old is new again. Some are saying “better safe than sorry”.

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Let’s get some shit straight about conspiracy theory, bro

We need to talk man.

Every time we meet up you tell me if I watch the grainy video of Tower 5 on 9/11, I’ll see little men in black pajamas running up and down with plastic explosives right before the whole thing comes crashing down.

But I don’t see it, bro. Sorry. Never have. Know what I see? A burning fucking building that requires precision architecture to stay standing, which it can’t do when its integrity is shot all to fuck from a total structure fire that it was never designed to handle.

And look dude.

I know you think the International Monetary Fund, the Word Trade Organization, the Federal Reserve and the G-20 are just fronts for the Illuminati, a secret organization that is systematically destabilizing the globe in order to bring about an evil, totalitarian one world order.

But that’s not the way it works, dog.

I promise you for every great event that transpires as a result of some maniacal plot, there are a hundred that just fucking happen.

Yup. It’s that plain and simple. They just fucking happen, usually as a result of pure human stupidity and random chance.

More often than not you need to fear the evil you see right in front of you. The one that’s using lame ass euphemisms to make its despicable ideology more palatable, but in the end is not really working too hard to hide its demented agenda.

The human brain is wired to find patterns in everything, homeslice.

That’s why you might think swine flu is really a designer virus strategically released in Mexico to distract the world from something nefarious, but really, it’s just a pissed off planet trying to kill us as a species in the process of checking our evolutionary mechanisms.

I know, it’s pretty dope thinking there’s just one big guy who controls everything with his massive cock on the boat wheel of the world. That’s comforting. And you think maybe one day after you’ve perfectly triangulated all your conspiracy theories you’ll find the mastermind, and when you discover he’s a vampire you’ll kill him and assume his power before the great council makes you high king of the immortal overlords. Yeah.

I get it.

But that world doesn’t exist, killa.

Never did. Life might feel a lot more boring without all that stuff, I understand. In the trivial and mundane chores of your ordinary existence you might get depressed at the casual banality with which life is extinguished and created or empires rise and fall.

You might need to have a little existential crisis while you get over this shit, bro. It’s cool. I’ll be there for you while you work things out. I got your back like that.

But you do gotta work it out, dude, ’cause if you don’t stop bombarding me with all these dumbass conspiracy theories every time we talk, we gotta quit being homies, yo’. Alright?

-The Internet




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