People I Hate That You Probably Like Because You’re A Fucking Idiot

3) Rachel Maddow – The kind of product you should expect from an over-privileged blowhard who has spent life coasting through the path of least (intellectual) resistance. Appeals to anyone who has received a MA at an Ivy League university and has spent significant amount of their Sunday mornings feeling sorry about the state of the world. Bad news, Rachel: John Edwards called, he wants his haircut back.

2) Keith Olbermann – He makes Bill O’Reilly appear humble. Possibly worse than Hitler. In an unspoken competition with Neil Cavuto for the dumbest person to be given 60 minutes a day on a news channel.

1) Paul Krugman – No explanation needed. If you like him, you should probably do everyone a favor and jump off a bridge.



Working For The Blog

Trying desperately to implement the new blog. More to come soon, I promise. 🙂



Bourgeois Me Up, Buttercup

“The worship of a Christian God, of an exterior God, the submission to cred, to dogma, alienates man from his true essence. The more you worship a God, the more debased you are as a human being… As long as man is worshiping in this form, you will never have a world of humanity and fellowship”

Tristram Hunt, In his LSE lecture Friedrich Engels: the man who made Marxism




Damn you Onion:

Local resident Alan Bower’s particular brand of sardonic, no-holds-barred commentary about everything around him has firmly established the 31-year-old policy writer as an absolutely terrible person who is always ready to crack a joke, sources reported Monday….

Other acquaintances indicated that shooting blistering one-liners at any person he comes in contact with is just one of the ways in which Bower can always be counted on to ruin a good time. Longtime friend Stephen Rosenthal said that dogs, infants, films, and even inanimate objects are never safe from Bower’s hilarious assessments.

“Trust me, nothing’s sacred to Alan,” Rosenthal said. “I remember one time he came to my 6-year-old son’s T-ball game, and he gave it the same type of relentless send-up that he would give to a bad movie or a Vespa scooter. There’s just no holding him back.”

Added Rosenthal, “He’s really, really funny.”

Welp, I’ve been called out appropriately. I’ll go die in a hole now.



Dramatic New Photos From The Iran Protests

New photos from Tehran and other Iranian cities show the level of brutality in this weekends protests:











Originally on PBH2.

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