Beautiful Hipster, Be Wild and Roam Free

I don’t know much about art, but this girl is creating it (via hipster ejaculate):

It was also around November that a guy named Troy was at Union Pool, the Williamsburg bar, when the bartender passed him a note from another customer. It read, “I want to give you a hand job with my mouth,” and was signed “Korean Abdul-Jabbar.” It was, according to Troy, from Ms. Ferrell. Another time, a patron at Fabiane’s, the café on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, said Ms. Ferrell passed him a note which read: “I want you to throw a hot dog down my hall.

Basically, this girl has combined all of my joys into her own life, including:

1) Grifting
2) Vagabondage
3) Hipsters
4) Ripping off hipsters
5) Making love to hipsters
6) Holding hipster tea parties
7) Borf
8) Outlaw Mentality
9) Gangster Capitalism
10) Brooklyn


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