Love Connections

One of the main reasons I run a blog is to pick up chicks, and occasionally I will get some mail from an enquiring young mind. I thought I would take a minute out of my busy blog schedule and answer some of your blog mail.

Nicki writes:
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Baby, I wish we spoke the same language, but if you draw me a diagram, I will wirklich you all night long. From what I can gather, it involves power yoga. I’m into the lingam and yunis, and I am a MASTER at large snake chases small rabbit down rabbit hole.

Amazon writes:
Hopefully you are rigth. Atonish! Really nice info, the odds are increasing. Aging is a problem, nothing like be wise but look nice.

Ageing is a problem, but as I’ve aged I have wisened to the fact that older dames can often teach us a thing or two that little girls can’t. Their experience often translates into wild nights and metamucil mornings. Also, there’s nothing hotter than going so hard a hip breaks.

Naked Man writes:
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Thanks for the tips naked man, you don’t know how long I’ve looked for a website devoted to hot naked women in Akron, OH. (Shout out to my Buckeye Babes!)

Whew! I am spent. Please leave me a message if you are looking for love on the Internet, and having a hard time finding a sensitive caring guy to do anal with. I am lubed up and waiting, for you.


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