The Best Gun Control Cartoons And Memes

Gun Control Cartoons Reagan

Unless you live under a rock, you know by now that the United States is entrenched amid a flurry of talks–OK, more like ceaseless, senseless back-and-forth shrieking–re: what the hell we’re going to do about these instruments whose sole purpose is to kill others. The right, blinded by its intransigent ideological piety (but only when it’s convenient), claims that the right to own a gun trumps the right to, well, not be shot by one. In the meantime, though, political cartoonists and internet enthusiasts alike have been producing some great stuff. Here’s a sampling of the best gun control cartoons and memes on the internet:

Gun Control Cartoons Well Regulated

Gun Control Cartoons Wayne LaPierre

Gun Control Comics Scoreboard

Gun Control Reactions

Best Gun Control Cartoons Nuts

Gun Control Militia Comics


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