A Message To The Newly-Retired Hillary Clinton

Hillary Colbert

Dear Hillary,

You’re tired. You’re triple-Platinum in Frequent Flyer miles these days. So, please, come January, put your feet up, pen that memoir, maybe be a grandma if Chelsea is up for it. But, come 2015, if you get that itch for the one office that has eluded you and final glass ceiling to smash, you know we’ve got a place for you. You know we already have a super PAC “Ready For Hillary” queued up for you, too. And you know we know: Andrew Cuomo is borderline, Elizabeth Warren is too liberal, and Joe Biden talks too much. 


Your (Grateful) Democratic Party

P.S. Bill can come, too.

P.P.S. The Hillary memes as well.

Hillary Letter 3 AM

Hillary Letter Bill Text

Hillary Letter Obama Text

Hillary Letter Oprah Text

Hillary Letter Palin Clot

Hillary Letter Cool Mom

Hillary Letter Weiner Text

Hillary Letter Zuckerberg Text

Hillary Letter Binder

Thanks to About.com for the stockpile of awesome Hil memes.


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