Really, Fox News?

Fox News Asks Why More White People Aren't On The Supreme Court

Fox News asks, “Why Aren’t White Males Being Considered for the Supreme Court” with the ultra-ironic picture of the Supreme Court. Currently, 5 of 9 of the Supreme Court Justices, including the Chief Justice, are white men. Even though white men are 32% of the US population, they represent 55% of Supreme Court Justices.

As found in Wikipedia:

All justices were Caucasians of European heritage until the 1967 appointment of Thurgood Marshall….

The Court currently consists of six males and three females; one African American and eight Caucasians (one of whom is Latino); six Roman Catholics and three Jews. As of February 9, 2011, the average age of the justices is 65 years, 2 months, and the average service length of the justices is 12 years, 6 months.

With the accession of Elena Kagan, all of the justices have an Ivy League background.


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