Power To The People…If We Realize It

Power To The People

We have more power than we think…if only we could realize this and act upon it.


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  1. IndeCan says:

    Great cartoon! Definitely, people need to learn how they can impact their political life in a positive way. Thanks for sharing!

  2. dustedext says:

    Love it! I’d however like to extend the analogy; It’s impossible for everybody to leave the board at exactly the same time, some will be catapulted out into the void with the swine, in the picture, it’d be the last ones to leave the plank, but in reality it is always the first. Peace.

  3. awesome cartoon. Thank god for all the artists and their mediums of expression

  4. Dawn Dettinger says:

    Is it possible to get permission to post this cartoon on our website or email this in our newsletter?

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