Hillary Clinton On Being Gay

Hillary Clinton Quote

I wonder how many Hilldawgs would be hanging in effigy were Westboro Baptist Church to come across this enlightened statement by our secretary of state.


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  1. Tulipa says:

    Sexual activity is a human reality. I don’t care about my doctors’ or my teachers’ sexual activity, unless I’m directly involed. I only expect them to have a shower, wash their mouth and their hands before treating or teaching me in person, no matter how gay or heterosexual their activities have been. That’s what I’d normally do if I had an appointment or a class after sex.

  2. Segun Odeleye says:

    Is Hillary Gay?

  3. Brian Lewis says:

    First, she is against gay marriage, then she says her stance has “evolved.” She is just as wishy-washy as every other fake politician out there. She goes wherever the political wind blows her. That’s the worst kind, because right or wrong, they don’t stand on any principle.

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