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Dubbed as the most-cited living source from 1980 to 1992, Noam Chomsky’s fearless critiques of American foreign policy and state capitalism have challenged the minds of the wizened and inspired the hearts of youth throughout the world to always question the systems that govern them and the individuals within it. And yes, he’s been brilliant his entire life. While we were moaning about multiplying fractions at age 10, Chomsky wrote his first incendiary article on the spread of fascism in the Spanish Civil War.

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  1. DOCTOR Chomsky is a charter member of the hate-America-first brigade, and a major cultural pollutant, whose demise I look forward to with great pleasure….I will, however, agree with him on his first statement, as the lamestream media is deep, deep, DEEP in the tank for King Zero.

  2. Thomas Neece says:

    Seriously Dave Williams? Please feel free to elaborate on your empty assertions.

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