Elizabeth Warren Winning

Elizabeth Warren 5

She’s left Ben Bernanke scrambling for words and on the defensive. FOX News now blames the Massachusetts senator for the financial crisis and conservatives have begun to call on Elizabeth Warren to quit her campaign dramatics and get to “work”–which for them most likely means “Enough following through with your promises; who do you think you’re working for, the people?” No matter how much GOP ire Warren inspires, the new head of the Senate Banking Committee isn’t going anywhere any time soon–and thank God for that. Here are some of her best moments.

Warren On The Mired State Of The Nation

Elizabeth Warren 3

Warren Embarrassing Regulators

Warren On The “Self-Made” Man

Elizabeth Warren 4

Warren Grilling Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke

Warren On Business As Usual

Elizabeth Warren 1

Warren On Game Rigging

Elizabeth Warren 2


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