Gawker Explains The Absurd Awfulness Of The New York Times

Perfectly on point:

See, the secret of the Style section is that it’s intended for two audiences. The first audience is its “official,” explicit audience: people who see nothing problematic with being told by The New York Times what’s cool, and think of the Style section is a straight-ahead, unironic record of hip trends and cool people. This is the audience that most people imagine when they okay a Style section profile.

But then there is the second, “secret” audience: everyone else. This audience, of which you are a member, is both mesmerized and repelled by the Style section. Its reaction, week after week, is “what the fuck is wrong with rich people?” To the secret audience, the Style section is full of dispatches from a different universe; a universe where some of the most horrible and insufferable people on the planet are treated as visionaries and geniuses. A rich universe.


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