Donkey Love

donkey love

In a small northern Colombian town named San Antero, the Festival del Burro (Donkey Festival) is held to celebrate the donkey. Some of the highlights include a donkey stampede and a costume contest, but most of all, the carnival celebrates having sex with donkeys. That’s right, donkey love. Think we’re kidding? Check out this investigative report from VICE:

Yes, I repeat, the main focus of the festival is to celebrate the tradition of men having sex with donkeys. Apparently when a boy grows up in Colombia, his hand is inadequate and he’s too nervous to have his first experience with a (human) female. No, the sweet tender embrace of a donkey (probably with the appropriate amount of make up like the one featured above) is what’s needed to stir the passions of an all-too-eager but anxious Colombian adolescent. With an abundance of donkeys available, a strong zoophilic culture has taken root and we end up with human-donkey love.


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