Bill O’Reilly Encourages Dr. Tiller’s Assassination

O’Reilly first discussed Tiller on Feb. 25, 2005 and followed it up with 28 more episodes that mentioned the doctor. In the past four years, O’Reilly described the doctor as “Tiller the Baby Killer” and “a moral equivalent to NAMBLA and al-Qaida.” “This is the kind of stuff happened in Mao’s China, Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union,” said O’Reilly on one show.

This is where it gets most troubling. O’Reilly’s language describing Tiller, and accusing the state and its elites of complicity in his actions, could become extremely vivid. On June 12, 2007, he said, “Yes, I think we all know what this is. And if the state of Kansas doesn’t stop this man, then anybody who prevents that from happening has blood on their hands as the governor does right now, Governor Sebelius.”

Three days later, he added, “No question Dr. Tiller has blood on his hands. But now so does Governor Sebelius. She is not fit to serve. Nor is any Kansas politician who supports Tiller’s business of destruction. I wouldn’t want to be these people if there is a Judgment Day. I just — you know … Kansas is a great state, but this is a disgrace upon everyone who lives in Kansas. Is it not?“

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Update: There is also a 2006 segment from Bill O’Reilly’s radio program where he implicitly states he would like to personally kill Dr. Tiller:

From this segment:

OK. So, I’m the fascist, I’m the bad guy, I’m the problem. Not Tiller. No, he — no, no, no. He’s a good guy. Now, Tiller’s pumping all kinds of money into obviously the attorney general race. He wants the guy that’s gonna let him off the hook to win. Those of you listening in Kansas, you ought to know that. You know, I don’t — I’m not gonna tell you who to vote for. You guys know these guys better than I do, but I tell you what, anything Tiller wants, I’m voting the other way. And if I could get my hands on Tiller — well, you know. Can’t be vigilantes. Can’t do that. It’s just a figure of speech.

But despicable? Oh, my God. Oh, it doesn’t get worse. Does it get worse? No.

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