Patrick Leahy Bitch Slaps for America

“I know that the president refers to the government being his government — it’s not.”


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  1. And she still got it wrong! Stupid bitch!

  2. Rudd-O says:

    Yes, she is a stupid bitch defending the indefensible.

  3. lish says:

    uhhhh, i, uhhh, i. bitch

  4. Jeff says:

    “uhhhh, i, uhhh, i. bitch”

  5. Joe says:

    Take a look at the related video (see the icons at the bottom of the video window after it plays) called “Another Political Hack”… HILARIOUS! But sad, also. You only have to watch a minute or so of it to get the idea.

    I am so disappointed with the Republicans.

  6. Raliegh says:

    Stupid, stupid c*nt. Why would anyone in their right mind protect Bush. Apparently most of the Republicans working for this Administration have no morals. It’s pretty sad when they have a higher regard for Bush than the Constitution and the American people. Throw that bitch out of the country, she’s UN-American and un-patriotic.

  7. AlvinBlah says:

    I was watching the late night CSPAN re-run of her testimony….soooo bad. She was regularly inconsistent in invoking the President’s executive privilege specifically using it to protect herself. At one point she was claiming that the executive privilege was protecting her from discussion on external documents that involved the justice department that had been discussed in the news. She was terrible.

    The expanse of this “executive privilege” is going to be proven soooo false in the end…it might just take 2 years

  8. Sid says:

    Yes, she is stupid, but why all the “bitch”, “c*nt”, etc.? You guys are pretty foul. Let’s keep this gender neutral shall we?

  9. David says:



  10. GG says:

    All right, then. She’s an asshole.

  11. Kit says:

    She’s a big fat cock

  12. brubaker says:

    I am AFRAID, cause you will not have any more defenders like Patrick Leahy when he dies.

    Best regards from Germany, we learned our lessons – I hope.

  13. jeremy says:

    It’s about time someone said that to the Bush drones. The US government may not be doing the best for its people, but at least we can still pretend it’s for the people… I only wish the US had learned from Germany’s lessons.

  14. AlvinBlah says:

    Yes, we must learn from Germany a more efficient way to commit genocide.

  15. fingers says:

    A) I lost the game.
    B) I think it is all in the questioning. If she doesn’t recall one thing…rephrase to see if she recalls something related. Do you recall meeting with Joe Smith? No. Do you recall knowing a John Smith? No. Do you know a Joe Smith? Well…

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  17. Anonymous says:

    Libtards fail to understand that these lawyers serve “at the pleasure” of the President.

    Leahy also violates the Constitution by failing to advise & consent Bush’s judicial picks. Mr. Leahy, the Constitution says advise & consent, not obstruct & filibuster.

    Libtards – always wrong…. always!

  18. Anonymous says:

    This women needs a take a course in Civics or Political Science as she is historically retarded and obviously doesn’t understand her job title very well.

  19. macduck71 says:

    In her wet dreams, she’s on her knees for Bush.

    Hasn’t anyone wondered about his female political appointees? Which woman in her right mind would want to work for him — much less protect him.

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