FOX: Atheists Shouldn’t Have Rights

More ignorant noise courtesy of America’s Most Trusted Name In News.


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  1. ebog says:

    What the hell is with the other headlines on that? Atheists should not have rights? What do you mean here? What is right here? What do we have?

  2. Stormy says:

    That is not per say Christianity that they used in the example, thats Catholicism, although may fall under the name Christianity, its beliefs are far different the than that of Protestant Christianity. I just thought I’d like to point that out. 2ndly I do see where they’re coming from, but chill just don’t say the pledge, it does just say God, not which one. However they said atheist, but again as I was saying don’t say it then, it isn’t hurting your belief because you did or did not say something. I did not bitch whine or complain when in history and science class I had to be taught and tested on controversial things I don’t exactly agree with and know them for that test. I call little things like that being what I like to call being a little “butthurt” and “sue” happy… I say get over it you cry babies. Lastly they compared it segregation, which was a physical thing that was NOT optional, the pledge is optional. In the end when you change or do something you WILL STEP ON at least one persons toes or beliefs, there will not be a happy medium in all situations making it impossible to please everyone, so they aim for pleasing majority. Do they have rights? yes both sides… but personally I find this a little over board and whinny over the pledge that has been known about and more than likely said before to bring it up now…. its like derp, its been around, you wanna complain now? its like wow you’re slow on that. I’m not disregarding we all have rights, but sometimes I think some people take things too serious and too far because they get butthurt over something.

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