Depression de Jour?

Pre-YDM thoughts (Yuppie Death March):

You are the future you carve out. You are an atypically typical creature that is bruised, aged, and wittled down into a sensible, presentable human being. You are presented and you are shown. You are young and progressed until one day you wake up and it is all gone.

When they are sad in their suburbs robots water the lawn
and everything they touch gets dusted spotless.
So they start to believe that they haven’t touched anything at all.
While the cars in the driveway only multiply.
They are lost in their houses.
I have heard them sing in the shower
making speeches to their sister on the telephone.
Saying, You come home.
Darling, you come here.
Don’t stay so far away from me.
This weather has me wanting love more tangible.
Something I can hold because it’s getting cold.
So lets hold up our fists to the flame in the sky
to block out the light that is reaching for our eyes
because it would blind us. It will blind us.


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