Why Act Surprised? Pelosi and Reid Are Accomplices In Bush’s War Crimes

On the revelation that Nancy Pelosi was possibly consulted about torture techniques, namely waterboarding, by the Central Intelligence Agency as early as 2002, one thing has confounded me: Would you be so surprised if she had and do you really feel baffled that she has no desire to pursue serious investigations into torture allowed under the Bush administration?

Pelosi and Harry Reid spent 2000 to 2006 cheering on the ‘War on Terror’ and giving a blank check to Bush’s wars. They then spent the election campaign of 2006 promising to end the Iraq war, halt the Bush tax cuts, and investigate torture and other Bush administration practices. So, it’s 2009, and what exactly have they exactly accomplished with 3 years of a Democrat majority? We’re still in Iraq, we’re still in Afghanistan, AIPAC still controls America’s destiny on Iran, Joe Lieberman is still a Democrat, the Patriot Act is not repealed, and Obama embraces the executive power to spy on citizens.

There’s a reason there will never be a serious and thorough investigation of Bush era war crimes: Pelosi, Reid, and a majority of the Democrats spent 8 years being de facto accomplices of some of Bush’s worst crimes. They supported the Iraq War, they supported the Patriot Act, and they supported the warrantless wiretaps. The Congressional Democrats had the power to say something and do something, and they did neither for 8 years of the worst Presidency in American history. And that’s a legacy they have no desire to bring up in the future.

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