Another Great Quarter For The Corporate Mob

Last fall, the American taxpayer handed over $700 billion dollars to Wall Street because the American economic system would supposedly collapse if the big banks failed. Now, just 9 months later, the largest recipients of TARP bailout money are now posting record profits and handing out exorbitant bonuses.

This past week, Bank of America announced a quarterly profit of over $2.4 billion [source], Citigroup announced record profits of over $3 billion [source], and Goldman Sachs reported profits of over $3.4 billion [source]. Even worse, Goldman Sachs is going to distribute over $11.3 billion in bonuses to it’s employees this year, or over $1 million per employee.

So, let’s just get this straight: the American taxpayer gave nearly a trillion dollars…. so banks could make record profits and so Goldman Sachs could distribute over $11.3 billion dollars to it’s employees. IN BONUSES ALONE.

This isn’t capitalism, this isn’t socialism, this isn’t the work of the free-market… this is pure theft from the American taxpayer and the United States government.

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