Sheppard Smith Takes On Joe the Plumber

Sheppard: Why specifically is a vote for Obama a vote for the death of Israel?

Joe: Well specifically, look at his record. Obama’s agreed to meet with Israel’s enemies with no uncertain terms.. In fact he’s letting them dictate terms to him and then look at his past associations, people he talks to…

Sheppard: Like who?

Joe: Quite honestly, you know, the gentleman that approached me with that question I agreed to with what I know…

Sheppard: What I can’t figure our is why, let’s listen to this clip from earlier.

Q: A vote for Obama is a vote for the death to Israel. I’ss guarantee you that.

Joe: Well, you know what? I’ll actually agree with you on that one. I agree with you. I really think that would be a problem.

Sheppard: Joe, do you know Barack Obama’s positions on Israel?

Joe: Ahhh, listen, I know you want to really get some answers on this one, I’m just not going to help you out here Sheppard. Let people go out and find it issues….

Hey, a baseless claim supported by absolutely no facts! Sounds like the 2008 Republican campaign in a nutshell to me.

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  1. Call Me Jesse says:

    Wow good post. I have a newfound respect for shepard smith. Fox News gets one brownie point.

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