Young, Female, Republican, And Inspired By A Complete Moron

Today’s New York Times has a fairly generic ‘some young women are inspired by Sarah Palin because she has a vagina just like them’ article today entitled Young, Republican and Inspired by Palin. All standard fare, save for this:

Nathalie Snapp, 25, a doctoral candidate at Harvard, where she studies chemical physics, said: “I do very much identify with her as someone who has pursued having both a career and a family. I also really want both.”

What.the.fack. You’re getting a DOCTORATE IN CHEMICAL PHYSICS AT HARVARD…. and YOU LOOK UP TO SARAH “I THINK FRUIT FLIES ARE STUPID AND SO IS MEDICAL RESEARCH” PALIN? Are you serious? People should be looking up to you, Nathalie Snapp, instead of you admiring an over-publicized and proudly-ignorant hillbilly from Alaska.

I mean, come the fuck on, is Sarah Palin some beacon of hope for females everywhere? “Oh look at Sarah Palin, she pumped out 5 retard babies and 2 of them will become fodder for roadside bombs in Iraq!!!! I can now be everything I ever wanted to be!!!!” Big deal, by the way! She has kids and a job! You know who also does that? Bears. And seagulls. And Rosie O’Donnell.

PS. If you read this and want to get with me, because being publicly ridiculed turns you on, send me an email.

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  1. wtf? says:

    Hahahahahaha – 6 views in 2-1/2 months! Can’t believe your pissant website showed up on the first page of the search results. Maybe if you weren’t a retard you could create a following and start making click-through dollars, just like the business opportunity you purchased on eBay said you would.

  2. angela says:

    While you’re right on your main point (young women looking up to Palin is counterproductive) the rest of your statements were really rude.

  3. Your daddy says:

    You think people that survive in tough climates are ignorant buddy? If you think that being road kill in Iraq is something to take lightly you have got some serious issues man. I fought and served as an infantryman in Iraq. I am formally educated (aviation maintenance technology, and mechanical engineering) as well very well versed in construction and survival in extremely tough environments. Just because we don’t all buy into the whole spread the wealth socialist ideas I’m sure you love doesn’t make us ignorant. We happen to know true wealth is built with tangible objects such as, food, shelter, energy, you know things you need not mcdonalds, social services, food stamps, welfare, lobbyists, government, or lawyers.

    We choose to build wealth and you learn a way to get us to share it with people we don’t want to share it with. Share your own wealth buddy but keep your hand out of my pocket. And get a real job that makes this world better dick.

  4. Kevin Kavanagh says:

    I have to say that Sarah Palin ,for character leaves you for dead.
    The reason you lefties dislike her is she is a threat . There can be no other reason for the nut jobs on the lefts continued attacks on her.
    You are a moron ,I think that is pretty clear.

  5. Kevin Kavanagh says:

    This guy calls Palin a moron and we have a president who gets his news from the Huffington Post . Half of Obamas supporters get there news from The Colbert report and John Stewart.
    I mean what is going on. I am watching all this from Australia.
    What I have seen today is Americans waking up in most of the country. But Boxer, Reid, Frank getting reelected what is wrong with the people in these areas.

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