Travel Special: Land of the Sheep part 2

We’re excited to say that we managed to get a great response to the first part of this series, as it was featured on one of DC’s hottest morning shows: Kane in the Morning on Hot 99.5! So back by popular demand is our Travel Special: Land of the Sheep.

The investigation into the backers of GodTube is not yet completed, but we do expect to bring new and exclusive information to you soon, so “don’t touch that dial” as they say in radio land.

Today I’d like to invite my followers into the Church of the iPod. Our pastor is teaching the theology of the iPod and Apple. Specific topics include creating trendy trinkets, wasting countless dollars on materialistic consumer goods, and listening to Christian Rap. This guy has a winner. Apparently this is a 30 second spot for an actual sermon series that took place last year in Houston. Rock on GodTube!


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  1. alec says:

    That video was bad, but no awful. I give you a B minus Eric.

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  3. […] Travel Special: Land of the Sheep part 2 […]

  4. holmes says:

    why there are a lot of spam?
    Where is admin?

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