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We’re back!

Well, we’ve gone through 3 servers but we finally found a new, stable home, and now we’re the ones running the show. We are undergoing major under-the-hood changes first, then with some cosmetic changes that should make the PBH experience more enjoyable.

If you encounter any problems, please drop us a note!

-PBH Admin



PBH 2009 v2.1.5 (beta version 3)

We are in the midst of another handful of updates. If you haven’t noticed (judging by our traffic numbers, you haven’t — ROFL!), we are rededicating our beautiful lives to this beautiful blog.

Also, PBH2 is on its way to become it’s own high powered blog. We’ve had some painful experiences recently with hosting and our bandwidth. To rectify this, we are devising a system to offset our bandwidth problems by having a mirror at Blogger. On top of this, PBH2 will also have its own content.

Further, we are working to get DisgracefulAndSexy back online. WPP is now up and running as well. Until then, tell me about your PBH experience and if you have any problems with the site.

Love (when you read our site and click our ads),
-PBH Admins



Update O-Rama

Dear Lovers & Sinners:

Sorry for the inconsistent postings to PBH. We are undertaking some design updates, working on new content, and trying to get DisgracefulAndSexy and WellPlacedPottery back up. The site should be back to normal in the coming weeks.

-PBH Administration



Seeking: Motivation to write

Being a gadfly in the panacea that is Barack H. Obama? Using the interwebs to counter the ongoing genocide conducted by the worldwide consortium of Zionists? Screaming at the wall as the tentacles of capitalism mutate the world into a soulless entity in the white mans image? Find new validation in the tenets of leftist thought and apply for corresponding PhD in Irrelevance?

What am I to do????



help! i’m alive

they’re going to eat me alive
you’re going to eat me alive!

(if i stumble)


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