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PBH’s Links Of The Year

With interactive and immediate exchange of ideas and content, 2011 proved to be the year of social media. As the year comes to a close, Prose Before Hos would like to thank the following sites for aiding in that crucial exchange:

Crooks and Liars:

A politically left blog that follows political events and their coverage.


Combining commentary, investigative reporting, and open forum discussion into one progressive site, Salon aspires to uncover what truly matters in politics and culture.

Balloon Juice:

With categories ranging from beer blogging to Occupy Wall Street, Balloon Juice provides readers with a unique array of pop culture and political posts.

Common Dreams:

While reporting and and analyzing of-the-minute news and events, Common Dreams posts links to other like-minded progressive sites.

Democracy Now!:

Broadcast on over 900 stations, Democracy Now! is an independent news program that offers perspectives rarely voiced by mainstream and corporate-owned media.



Foreign Policy’s 10 Stories You’ve Missed

One of the best annual webseries, Foreign Policy’s The Stories You Missed in 2011. Go read it, now!



My Thoughts Channeled Via The Onion On Joe Paterno

Perfect, as always; Sports Media Asks Molestation Victims What This Means For Joe Paterno’s Legacy:

“When you told your family how Coach Sandusky forced you to engage in illicit ‘soap battles’ with him in the shower, what were their thoughts on Joe Paterno?” he continued as the abuse victim stared silently back at him. “Was their immediate response worry and concern for how this might tarnish his six Fiesta Bowl wins?”



Earl The Pearl Versus The Philosoraptors

In 1971 I wrote and shot a scene for Annie Hall involving the Knicks and Earl The Pearl. I was extolling the concept of the physical over the cerebral, so I wrote a fantasy basketball game in which all the great thinkers of history – Kant and Nietzsche and Kierkegaard – played against the Knicks. I cast actors who looked like those philosophers to play those roles and they played against the real Knicks. We used the players on the team at that time including Earl, Bill Bradley and Walt Frazier, and we shot it inside Madison Square Garden after the last game of the season. Of course the Knicks were smooth and beat the philosophers easily; all their cerebration was impotent against the Knicks.

Via greatest blog ever, Spike Lee and Woody Allen at Knicks Games.



What We Are Angry About

Net Worth and Wealth Inequality In America

For a great summary on wealth inequality, unemployment, and a range of other metrics showing how just miserable and unjust the American has become, check out this Business Insider post: Here’s What The Wall Street Protesters Are So Angry About.


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