I Want to Kick Joe Liebermann in the Face

Roy at Alicublog writes one of the funniest paragraphs in modern bloggery:

RAISING THE LEVEL AND TENOR OF DEBATE. The great minds at National Review’s The Corner agree: gay people are teh gay. On the Democrats’ upcoming GLBT debate, Lisa Schiffren observes that not all of the Party’s constituents are down with the gay agenda, and then, seemingly unable to control herself, female-ejaculates: “How do you keep the coalition together when it gets this personal and icky?” One imagines she does not find, say, conflicts over nuclear energy policy “icky,” unless the protons are having sex with other protons.

Speaking of the ghey, Bol has a hilarious post on the Nelly vs Huey feud:

There were some harsh words (lots of talk of nut tucking – nullus) when a guy who may or may not have been Kyjuan from the St. Lunatics showed up. Whoever he was, he might want to have his teeth looked at. You’d think that carrying weed for one of the biggest rappers evar would come with free dental… Also, be sure to check out the second video, where an older fellow from Huey’s camp suggests T.I. is teh ghey.

In other bloggery, Non-Christian allowed to bless Senate floor; Bigoted conservatives are outraged, here’s a little kid rolling, A Civil Service Proposal by Coming Anarchy because 60% of American teenagers are basically uninterested in what’s happening in the world, Fire Fighters Union President Sets Tweety Straight On Rudy Giuliani’s Failures, and Joe Bliebermann tells us that the problem isn’t the war in Iraq, it’s the American PUBLIC. I mean DUH.


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  1. justin says:

    I want to kick him in the face because he is trying to scare everyone into giving up their 4th amendment rights. (although bush already took those anyway) Police state all the way! He should be locked up for being a pussy. fuck him

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