Because 2 out of 11 isn’t bad, right?

If you ever wonder about Fox News editorial objectivity, look no further than today’s politics page on the Fox News website, pictured below:


Of the 11 stories, I counted 4 negative stories on Democrats (Did the New York Times’ MoveOn deal break the law?, Feds to indict Norman Hsu in $60 scheme for donations to Democrats – this was also the front page story entitled ‘Dirty Dem’, Bad Medicine – Mitt Romney slams Hilary Clinton’s health care plan, Hilary Wants to Change Our Country). Compare this to the 2 negative Republican articles (one of which is actually just a video of minority leader Boehner refuting Democratic charges for 3 minutes) and the two positive Republican stories (Safe at Home? on Bush urging Congress for permanent expansion of electronic surveillance and the article on the Republican primary in Florida, Romney slamming Hilary’s health plan).

So, to recap on the Fox News politics page: 4 negative stories on Democrats, 0 positive stories on Democrats, 3 positive stories on Republicans, and 1.5 negative stories on Republicans.


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  1. btard says:

    1- You want to prove a point, that bias exists… everyone already knows this, and you’re not going to convince anyone who disagrees because:

    2- just because there isn’t the EXCACT same amount of stories on X, Y and Z doesn’t mean bias exists towards X, Y or Z. Maybe X really did better?! This is what everyone who disagrees with you will think of immediatly. Even I thought it initally, and I agree with (1)

    obviously you have a goal: to make a positive change in the world.
    that’s good.
    reconsider your tactics.

    (but i guess, if all you want is to be heard … it’s a good strategy to preach to the choire).

  2. AlvinBlah says:

    not everyone gets it yet….don’t forget that…

    and don’t be a cynic

  3. fox news says:

    fox news

    I don\’t understand it.

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