Thanks To BP, This Is A Whale

BP Oil Spill Whale

Scientists found this sperm whale 77 miles south from the Deepwater spill site off the Gulf Coast.

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  1. jason says:

    No doubt the oil spill has been very bad for wild life but a sperm whale would be one of the last animals affected by such a disaster. Whales breathe air rather dissolved oxygen in water. That means whales don’t have to take oil into their gills to breathe. Also, sperm whales feed on large prey in deep waters where there is no oil. Odds are, this whale died of natural causes.

  2. Evolution says:

    These animals should be evolving any day to survive in their new environment.


  3. Sammi says:

    this is heartbreaking.

  4. niceguyted says:

    What, no text explaining how the whale died?

    Hell, with this kind of logic, I’m now convinced that BP is responsible for the Holocaust. String ’em up for what they done.

  5. Brian Popelas says:

    That is not a sperm whale. You can clearly see feet and a very long tail. The picture is just very close up. It is most likely a dead Otter or something more of that size.

    • Erik says:

      It is not an otter, it is actually a BP oil tanker, it capsized spilling additional oil into the ocean. They disguised it to look like a whale/otter so you wouldn’t notice the oil.

    • Education says:

      You know,it is sad to see so many idiots commenting with their time with NO sensitivity. I bet these are the same jerks playing video games all day instead of getting out there,developing a spine,and doing somethng for someone in need. I wouldn’t mine if this type of ignorance would be saturated with oil until it suffocates it! Where did all this hatred come from.Someone wasn’t hugged enough or needs to see some things in life besides the boring ,uncaring life that they are leading.Sad excuse for humans,why don’t you just end yourself and do us a favor..Or all move to Texas somewhere???

      • Anonymous says:

        “You know,it is sad to see so many idiots commenting with their time with NO sensitivity.”

        I don’t think I need to point out that that comment of yours and pretty much the whole rest of your post was idiotic and came with no sensitivity…

        guilt fail

        What I think is that we should stop pointing fingers at the ignorant, stop pointing fingers at the Americans, stop pointing fingers at the British. Stop pointing fingers at the human race… and… oh idk… do something about it.

        Come on people, aren’t we all a little grown up for this?

  6. RumShopRyan says:

    Truly heart breaking. Please save the Gulf.

  7. BAP says:

    “The NOAA Ship Pisces reported a dead 25-foot sperm whale on June 15, 2010, that was located 150 miles due south of Pascagoula, Miss. and approximately 77 miles due south of the spill site last week. The whale was decomposed and heavily scavenged. Samples of skin and blubber have been taken and will be analyzed. The whale had not evidence of external oil. Sperm whales are the only endangered resident cetacean in the Upper Gulf of Mexico. There are no records of stranded whales in the Gulf of Mexico for the month of June for the period 2003-2007. ”

    Just the facts, madam, just the facts.

  8. whocares says:

    Is it really that bad? Disasters like this happen all the time in nature. Diseases, Volcanoes, natural oil spills, meteors, etc. It’s not the end of the world. The bio-system will eventually readjust its self.

    If you’re American, you can shut the hell up.

    US demand and economy is responsible for a vast amount of global environment catastrophes. While you all sit on your asses growing fat and watching TV, the rest of the planet is being sucked dry. Your citizens are getting fatter far quicker than can be explained by genetic propagation alone, yet other people are starving to death in their millions.

    You have no right to complain about the oil spill until you clean up your messes else where.

    It sickens me that American’s make such a fuss about about their stupid wildlife but don’t care about the wildlife, including Homo Sapiens that inhabit other nations.

    “That shit needs to get fixed on the double. It’s fuking up a shit load and continues to waste oil. This angers me to a great extent.”

    I personally hope it goes on for as long as possible. I love to see how American’s whine like babies when they get a taste of their own medicine.

    I find it funny that people, of a country comprising a majority of rich barbarians, proved by the fact that they mutilate 60%+-5% of their males’ genitalia and have one of the biggest proportional prison populations on the planet, think they have the justification to complain; about anything. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean that any speech is de facto justified.

    So sorry Wendy, I hope you enjoy your dead animals, whether in the Ocean or at Wendy’s.

    • R says:

      Blah blah blah blah, I think the oil spill isn’t as bad as circumcision THINK ABOUT THESE PROBLEMS INSTEAD OF THIS ONE, I’M NOT A BP REP OR ANYTHING.

  9. SDz says:

    I think what we need to be taking from the picture is not the cause of death. Consider the oceans vastness, and the number of animals who live in proximity of this spill. Now look at the picture again. The oil is gripped to this animals body. No animal is equipped to rid itself of this muck, and whether it lives or dies, I think a more dire result would be an animal LIVING like this.

  10. Ryan says:

    I have a better question for all you people who seem to be questioning this whales cause of death…..Why are you trying to defend BP? The whale is obviously covered in oil, that’s the only reason I need to be angry.

  11. jacobian says:

    well that’s just so sad. BP need to be hold responsible to this.

  12. yam says:

    fuck you BP!!

  13. Thanks Obama says:

    Does anyone else think that this whole BP mess is not entirely their falut???
    You people do know it was Obama who actually agreed to allow off shore drilling…now he’s upset for his own creation going amuck???
    FYI…this oil disaster makes no difference on earth. Oil is A NATURAL RESOURCE!!! whales, fish, birds, etc are not meant to last forever…this spill only accelerates there process of extinction for these geneses/animals families. If they weren’t going to die now they will in 1 million years…..ever wonder how old earth is….every wander why Dinosaurs are not here??? And they didn’t need pollution to be erased from this earth.

    • Marbran says:

      We still have dinosaurs, and one form of them is the sea turtle. Now we’re cooking them.

  14. gawd says:

    wow. people disgust me. lovely comments, jackasses.

  15. BP Rules says:

    He looks delicious! Nice and crispy

  16. ..... says:

    It amazes me how many idiots feel obligated to educate others.

    Please do humanity a favor and question what comes out of your mouths rather than throwing up illogical bull shit just because you get a boner when you see animals.

  17. Uhm says:

    Looks like it was caught in an oil fire, doesn’t take much speculation

  18. Biblioteca says:

    It’s just stunned.

  19. Fish story says:

    A fish in oil..big deal. Anybody ever ate fishsticks?

  20. kg says:

    I hope these dolphins from last week don’t get killed

  21. Anonymous says:

    That’s one burnt marshmellow

  22. stephen crix says:

    i fancy see food

  23. Jemal says:

    i bet it was those china men

  24. Misty K says:

    Can you please list a source for the photo? I can’t find it anywhere and just want to corroborate that this is an authentic photo…

  25. BP to bail on America says:

    I heard today that BP is considering cutting their losses and doing a firesale of all of their assetts in America. Typical Brit…

    • FFS says:

      BP is a MuLtInAtIoNaL company. It does NOT stand for British Petroleum. A shred of research will tell you that. F*ck, just google “What does BP stand for”

      Rocket science, it is not.

  26. lucy says:

    Christ whats the matter with everyone, any bloody excuse to have an argument or slag each other off.


    • lucy says:

      to have one tosser or troll commenting on this article is one thing, but to have several just shows you what a sad world we live in

  27. Ras says:

    Dead Him! Bumboclatt sperm battybwoy!

  28. John Clarke says:

    Ok, haven’t had time to read all the comments, so no flaming 🙂

    It is sad what is happening over in the Gulf, and there should be some serious repercussions from it for the people in charge.

    Now, some logic: the whale is not burnt from oil. Look at its head … if it was oil that had burnt it, the head would be black as well, as well as the tail. Oh, btw, the black is not oil, as the water around the whale is not covered in oil either, i.e. that is the skin that has changed color from being exposed to the sun and out of the water for such a long time.

    This was co-incidental, and could have been drifting for hunderds of nautical miles, that just make assumptions. The poster of the photo knew exactly what they were doing when posting the photo

  29. thisONEguy says:

    looks like it was dying due to the oil…then some sharks gang rapped it.

  30. les lloyd says:

    that whale has been dead longer than 77 days. definitely not a spill victim.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Fuck you BP

  32. irritated observer says:

    To all the idiots saying “omg it’s not America’s fault, it was BRITISH Petroleum that caused the spill” I have to say this: WOW. What an idiotic and overly simplestic way of viewing this whole thing. If you think the company’s name is enough to base your opinion on who to lay the blame with, then you really don’t have much business commenting. Do you really don’t think that there aren’t AMERICANS that work for BP? Or what about the corrupt AMERICAN government agency that was supposed to be regulating the drilling to keep this sort of thing from happening?

    I’ve noticed that a lot of the comments can be split into two camps: People who are proclaiming America as the bringers of the Apocalypse because of the oil spill, and people being weakly defensive about America. Well, you are ALL idiots.

  33. Anonymous says:


  34. Anonymous says:

    BP should be crucified for the lack of progress in stopping and clean-up.

  35. phil says:

    Even if it was the GoM spill that caused it’s death, you’re still a fuckwit – for blaming bp.
    It was Transoceanand their personnel that were operating the rig and caused caused the explosion.

  36. BP Hater says:

    It is obviously that if you don’t think the Gulf disaster killed this whale, you are with BP PR trying to remedy the situation.

    • whocares says:

      Who is this BP person I keep hearing about? Why is he hunting whales with HE tipped harpoons?

      Seriously, BP is not a person. I doubt they set out their objective as killing whales, creating an oil spill for that purpose. I imagine they were more worried about keeping Americans happy by supplying them cheap oil based products.

      If the oil spill is the culprit, and BP is responsible for causing the oil spill, then that is indirect guilt. If you want to apply indirect guilt, then you’re guilty just by filling your car with petrol. Indirectly, everyone is guilty. Some more than others by level of indirection. Many groups, you’ll find are equally guilty, if you measure this by what they “could have done better”. The US government and related agencies could have done things differently. I suspect you’ll find hundreds of instances where if someone in one of these agencies didn’t do some thing, the whole thing would have probably never happened

      Stop falling into the bullshit legalese trap of treating companies like individuals. This is a legal practice, it is not indicative of whole thing exist in the real world. Such bigotry….

      It doesn’t even come down to that however. This is a picture of a dead whale. No doubt, a large ocean oil spill will kill wild life, but so will about a few million other things, time for example. This was going to happen to the fat bastard anyway.

      There’s no verification to prove this whale was killed by the spilt oil. It’s little more than a speculation, a suspicion.

      When things die, this is what usually happens to them, they get eaten, keeping other wild life alive. This might come as a shock, death isn’t pretty. Nor does it matter if was killed by an oil spill. There are plenty more fish, erm, cetaceans in the sea.

      What a load of emotionally manipulative bullshit. The picture is meaningless to me. Except for the fact that a whale went to waste as it should have rightfully ended up in Japanese stomachs rather than eaten by a bunch of moronic sharks. That makes me sad.

      How exactly is it obvious that we’re with BP PR? Where’s your proof? Why have you not given a rational for why you find it “obvious”? If you genuinely believe that kind of conspiracy bullshit, then I declare it obvious that you are a fucking lunatic.

      • Marbran says:


      • Daniel says:

        And since unemployment is never zero, and I have a job, someone out there doesn’t because of me. Which makes me indirectly responsible for any crimes he commits stemming from his unemployment, and for his kids lack of education.

        Take accountability, and hold others accountable. They fucked up.

  37. Jenny says:

    Yes, after looking at this photo of the whale is does appear to be burnt.

    Just received an email from the National Wildlife Federation

    PLEASE go to this website and sign the petition to stop BP from burning Sea Turtles alive and I would imagine anything else that gets caught up in the burn area and to have BP CLEAN UP their act!!

    This truly is the website url… not spam or anything

    again PLEASE get your voice heard Sign this

    Scream if you must

    but do something to help!!…..

    Warmest regards my friends,

  38. joe mahmah says:

    Its just a mirage, covered in oil, and burnt to a crisp. Pay no attention to what seems to look like flippers and a tail. you are getting sleepy, very, very, sleepy……..

  39. Ridiculous comments on here. Wow!

  40. Joke Buddha says:

    That’s is so sad (((

  41. Marbran says:

    Before anyone continues with the inane posts, the NOAA ship carrying samples from this whale is due back into port today. It will be several weeks before tests can conclusively prove/disprove that this whale died as a result of the oil.

    And BTW, that black skin is not burnt. It is rotting flesh. And the white flesh is waterlogged.

  42. Moox says:

    Check out the iphone app to help cleanup this mess! I will add a link to this page on it too!

  43. Jeff says:

    The oil spill in the Gulf like EVERY SINGLE THING that has happened over the last 5-6 years is a POLITICAL thing!! Jeez I am soooooo sick of EVERYONE taking such umbrage overANYTHING said by ANYONE that may not agree completely and without reservation to whatever point of view they have!!
    Cripessake you are a bloody annoying lot!!!!
    BP is a total F’up we all agree on that now whether they are directly responsible for this whales death or whether they are indirectly responsible for this whales death or whether they have any responsibility of any kind for this whales death can not be determined by us here or by this photo. Let us not get upset about this but remain focused on the fact that there is a F’ing WORLD of SH*T hitting the marsh and beaches and floating around submerged under the surface of the gulf that most assuredly IS the FAULT OF BP!!!!
    Cheezloueeeezzze it’s like surfing the ‘net with your brother in laws kids!!!

  44. NK says:

    stupid whale 😀

  45. CSA says:



  46. Wub says:

    First of all there is not even any oil in this picture (the black is decaying flesh from the whale being on the surface of the water; none of the other flesh is black) and second, there is no proof that the whale was even near the spill. I think it is also safe to assume that it was killed and eaten (hence the huge amount of the whale missing).

  47. Some things can't be cured by PR...and this is coming from a PR professional says:

    @ BS: Looks like a victim of the “controlled” burning that BP has been conducting to burn off the excess spill…Google “BP Sea Turtles” if you want to view major news coverage on other animals that have fallen victim to the burning tactics…

    I agree with Anon…this is a major, stomach-churning human FAIL….

  48. Duh.... says:

    Hey smart people… BP USED to stand for British Petroleum, but after buying several other smaller companies, and becoming a MULTINATIONAL company, they changed their name to BP. JUST BP. So while everyone is whining the Brits did this or the Yanks did that, engage the OTHER braincell in your sad little heads.

  49. hehe says:

    You know, many years ago, the Americans threw a load of British tea into the water. And for several hundred years you have laughed and laughed…

    Now the brits throw stuff back, and the Americans cry.

    Your move USA…

  50. […] terrifying scope of this catastrophe from being known to the American people. Scientists have even reported a whale found 77 miles south of spill [photo bottom left] burnt and floating dead on the surface of […]

  51. Sure, there is not yet any proof to determine cause of death of this whale. But I think we all know that it is very probable that the death is related to the BP Oil Spill.

    All you BP apologists….man, you’ve got to get your shit together. These people are making BILLIONS of dollars while they destroy the planet you live on, yet you readily defend them? Talk about some backward logic.

  52. John Diesel says:

    Does anyone notice that the whale has been burned????

  53. Horrific. They have been burning sea turtles as well…

    You can see the the exact location of the rig On BlooSee and some of the locations with these criminal burns are happening as we speak:

  54. samantha says:

    so you mean to tell me you DONT think the oil spill had anything to do with this whale? So just randomly not to far from the oil spill a whale is found with OIL all over it. but yet theres no proof… seriously think before you take up for something or someone when there deff in the wrong… this is awful. Im not going to argue at BP though it could have happened to any one of the companies. But they should have been on this faster. Its rediculous you all just sat around like uhh what do we do.. you all should have been there quicker..

  55. Syed Imtiaz Ali Gillani says:

    wonderful . quite different.

  56. Now that’s just sad…

    I wish this whole oil spill didn’t happen…

    Look at how much damage it has caused!!


  57. circleoflife says:

    thanks to BP, many other marine life had lunch. It’s called the circle of life!

  58. TheTruePooka says:

    Don’t worry; Americans are getting quite good at letting our government and their corporate masters get away with just about anything.

    By the end of this year BP will have gotten all the money they’ve lost back in the form of tax breaks at the expense of everyday citizens.

  59. V says:

    Um, yeah… Oil soaked whales are a common everyday occurence. Maybe it committed suicide? :::rolling eyes:::

  60. BS2 says:

    I agree with BS. It looks like the whale was partially eaten. Who did the autopsy on the whale beside the court of public (internet) opinion? A mind is like a parachute – it only works when open.

  61. Jack says:

    I will tell you what is stupid! What has Obama done to fix this oil spill? Basically nothing. He likes the oil spill it is for political agenda!!

  62. Probably are no sea otters living in that area, but looks like one to me. Should toss bp execs into middle of oily goo and let them swim for shore. Maybe pull them out for a bit and let them roll in feathers, then swim some more.

  63. great oolong says:

    at least he’s been half eaten.
    maybe some japanese ppl on a stroll?

  64. Martina Pook says:

    Listen to yourself. One talking to the other in total disrespect with each one believing to to smarter or more intelligent. I am amazed on how easily everyone can be so sure of themselves. Each single one of you is using Petrolium.

    I admire what Lynne McTaggard has to say about this at

    All of our modern-day lives are utterly intertwined with petroleum use. Petroleum is in virtually every manufactured product; it makes up the warf and woof of modern life. Petroleum does not simply power our cars. The use of petroleum in manufacturing has created modern industry, including plastic, synthetics, processing, and pretty much everything artificial in our lives.

    It must be changed I totally agree and what BP does is not right, but whatever can and should said should be done with enough love and respect for one another. If we cannot even stay humain in just writing to one another and expressing ourselves to one another without hurting, how can we ask for more sense from a large corporation.

    Martina Pook

  65. Michael Yarborough says:

    So, what did the scientists do after they found this sperm whale? While not a pleasant sight, this picture and the location of its discovery tells you absolutely nothing about the culpability of BP in the death of this whale.

  66. Anonymous says:

    That’s whale oil!

  67. Duh says:

    That’s whale oil, right?

  68. J.C. Campbell says:

    They need to get this thing cleaned up and stopkilling all the animals in the sea. The animals didn’t ask for this so we need to get it taken care of as soon as posible.

  69. Truth says:

    A nation that couldn’t care for its own people or other people of different nations will never be able to care about animals/wildlife. I hope BP, learns something valuable, I don’t wish them to go bankrupt as it would cause the loss of jobs to thousands of people but I do hope oil giants will be much more attentive to their activities in the future and take preventative steps.

  70. Random Person says:

    So let me get this right. BP used the oil to make your motors work, they were your suppliers. Now there was an accident, they are your vilains. Lol … americans … hilarious.

    Short circuit is a factory, couple workers dead, millions of dollars of machinery destroyed. The owner gets away because it was an accident, no one blames him because it was ‘gods’ work.

    Exlosion on the rig. Ofcourse an accident (its not like those 11 people said, hey lets explode this rig and die). So an accident BILLIONS of dollars of loss. Now you blame the company for causing this disaster. Hmm … talk about consistency.

    Those people complaining on the TV about this should shut the **** up and help. It’s not like BP said hey, lets explode the rig, and let the oil sill destroy the coast and we can spend BILLIONS to clean it up. Seriously, give them a break, all these years you use their petrol and now complain because of the spill. If you people are so concenred. Get out there and help clean it up. Stop moaning, disasters happen, get over it and find a solution.

  71. MonkeyShine181 says:

    So, its easy to just say “f**** it” when some of you geniuses point out that so much of how we live, energy, etc. depends upon oil and oil products. Right. Understood. THAT BEING SAID, most oil is used to fuel vehicles, and THAT is also the oil which releases CO2 during the combustion process, etc. SO, we could start by driving more fuel efficient vehicles and alt. energy sources, etc. For example, before you whine about it being impossible not to use oil, perhaps you could just downsize your F-350 twin-turbo-diesel monster-truck that you drive to the office and mall every day? Perhaps a car that gets 30+ mpg instead of a truck that gets 5mpg?? Maybe?? Perhaps?? Oh, right… you’re a Patriotic American and FREEDOM means being able to drive your truck, and F*** anyone who says otherwise. Right. Got it. Case closed & end of story.

  72. DitelHead says:

    If oil companies had not developed substitutes for whale products there would be no whales left to kill.

  73. Brian says:

    If oil killed this whale then why is there only oil on one side of the whale? Not the top? Not the bottom? But only the side. Not an oil kill. Any idiot can see this. Doesn’t matter anyway. Stop the leak Obama! He owns it now! The oceans will flush themselves like they always have.

  74. SkankTank says:


  75. Realistic says:

    Its just one Whale…

  76. Andrew says:

    Give it to the Japanese to eat !

  77. Steve says:

    I read a few comments, and it’s clear this site is full of morons.

  78. alex says:

    That’s new reference to a story that’s a few weeks old:

    Time will tell what killed it, but it’s likely something oil spill related killed it.

    If all the stupid people and denialists held hands and we dragged them through the gulf, we’d clear this spill for sure.

  79. hannah says:

    stop this crime you destroy our planet think also about your kids futuers also about your health also how this poor anemales take care our planet now with this oil you killed every so you have to pay for it because if you are humenbeen for sure you can’t handel to see this at all but this is true and you did it then save this whales and the fishes and the birds sea lions any maybe there aren’t any one read my comment but i have to complaining also every one he or she have to commplaining we have to do something to stop this vialonce

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