Inster Fashion Waves in Washington DC

First birthed in middle America, then it hit New York City, and now Inster has arrived in Washington DC. We caught up with the hottest new inster trends in the heart of Dupont Circle, where the fashionistas were enjoying mixed company and Zima’s.

We begin with the victim (left) coupled with the lurking presence of English shark (right).


And with the flash of the camera, the drunken heterosexual pounces for attention, slowly nibbling the buttons off of the victims shirt:


Oh no! The aggressor has succeeded, with the victim left helpless, leaving him only the option of showing off his bountiful chest hair to the awaiting public:


Pathetically pasty torsos exposed, art is once declared the victor while illegally attained Broken Social Scene plays in the background:


The night and photoshoot ends with funny glasses and the exuberance of a job well done. Hand jobs in the bathroom stalls for all:



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  1. Pam *photog extraordinaire* says:

    One, you stole my pictures… but they are funny and all should see them so it’s okay.

    Two, my glasses are not funny. Not everyone can pull them off, but it’s not the glasses fault.

    Three, you didn’t post the one with you guys flashing nip. I’m a little disappointed.

  2. Heather (Pam's entertained friend) says:

    I was bummed to note that despite the witty description, it wasn’t pointed out that Jeff looks like Andy Dick with Pam’s glasses on.

  3. alec says:

    Coincidentally (note how I didn’t misuse IRONICALLY), Andy Dick gave all of us handjobs in the bathroom stall at the end of the night.

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