Defining Socialism

There seems to be some confusion among certain segments of the population on the meaning of socialism.

Socialism is: believing that all individuals are due a certain level of living; that things such as health care, education, adequate nutrition, clean and unpolluted environments, and shelter are universal rights; and that adequate safe guards should be in place to prevent the exploitation of markets and peoples.

Socialism is not propping up failed financial institutions that made their money via speculative and predatory behavior; allowing corporations to profiteer off of federal bail-outs; nor is socialism enriching an oligarchical elite while the economic world they created crumbles. Socialism is not Bizarro Robin Hood, where the government steals from the poor to give to the rich.

So please, if you are an angry white-male who reads too much libertarian literature, do not confuse present circumstances with your interpretation of ‘socialism’. Trust me, real socialists are more outraged by this situation than you are.

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