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All You Need To Know About America In The Middle East

When Palestinians do it, it’s terrorism; when Israelis do it, it’s self-defense.



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Though it has been somewhat lost to our generation, as some distant relic of the past, humans are today, as they have ever been, caught in a struggle between classes of people. Such tumult is the inspiration of vicious cultural supremacy and nowhere is it as insipid as between the superrich and the struggling people of the world.

The equality and individual empowerment that makes democracy the purest political system, is marginalized in the vastness of the American condition. Even more defeating to democratic ideals is how obscene amounts of wealth can so utterly overshadow the generally good-natured instincts of the people.

Recently, the corporate instruments of unconscionable economic stratification have been granted new and indecent power over our political system. Already advantaged with control over mainstream media and unmatched governmental influence, corporate dollars now have legal sanction to engulf the political process as never before, leaving the voice of the people lost in a current of political manipulations undoubtedly to favor the narrow, hoarding interests of insatiable economic gain.

Sung and re-sung are the lullabies that put to rest discontent for the callous externalities of greed, with ideas of the American dream. It is a spell of nightingale syndrome which deceives the well intentioned into believing it is purely honest work, and not the disease of corruption, which leads to “success”. It is a spell that foments blindness and submission to an economic pyramid scheme where the usurious and supremacist economic elite maintain control at the expense of the tired masses.

Optimism After Heartbreak.

Despite concerted efforts to mollify economic unrest–despite efforts to direct popular culture and conventional wisdom away from populist inclinations—despite near monolithic control by the economic elite’s uniquely cold outlook—we are deeply fortunate. We have this moment.

Even with so much of the game rigged—we are not without means to change. We are privileged to live in an age where the openness of technology gives legitimacy to hope. Technology provides an incredibly powerful vehicle for the free exchange of ideas—ideas that are untempered by corrupting centralized authority. It is this, more than anything else that has breathed new life into democracy.

And still, there are no easy answers…

Problems with no clear solutions are unique in their ability to entangle the soul with sullen myopia. Our fiery passion to fight the good fight is quickly doused by complications. I am left sure only that peace and human dignity are the objectives. We’ll start there.



Real Jesus Versus Republican Jesus

Real Jesus Versus Republican Jesus

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