Fox News Is Insane

“Little did I know, Mr. Rogers was an evil man. By telling children they’re special just for being who they are, he helped create this generation of worthless, lazy socialists who think they’re entitled to rewards without working… at least according to Fox News.

Watch the video. The Fox News anchors are completely serious when they attribute the differences in academic performance between Asian and American kids to the fact that Asian children didn’t grow up with Mr. Rogers telling them they were unique and special. It’s not that we have a failing education system or that parents aren’t instilling the proper work ethic in their children. American children under perform because Mr. Rogers taught them to expect everything in life to be handed to them on a silver platter.

They actually use the word “evil” to describe Mr. Rogers and criticize him for his “optimistic message.” Then one of them starts babbling about how children should go back to churning butter and making their own sweaters. I didn’t make it all the way to the end, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they blamed him for 9/11.”


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  1. You are not an individual snowflake.

  2. Did Mr. Rodgers not dedicate every show to teaching those same kids examples of hard working people of all walks of life… The postman was right on time every day, he showed me how early the baker had to get up, took us to the construction site… etc. Come on, sounds like someone using selective statistics, skewed to suit their study, in order to justify some 2 million dollar grant on a lame topic. Anyone can find correlative data, just because correlates doesn’t necessarily mean there a cause and effect. Fox news just loves controversy and hates PBS; thats the only reason they are airing this nonsense, I thought some of the lip-movers didn’t seem agree with it, likely they are slaves to their job and have no choice but to jibba jabba this bullshit. For the rest, I chalk it up to Murdock’s tendency to hire dogmatic right-wing fanatics who live in a false reality. Who’s the worse role model now. No one believes them and shame on them for wasting the 10,000 dollars it cost to air that segment.

  3. AlvinBlah says:

    I want to know if the study they cite was peer reviewed or not, submitted to a greater body of critical review, and even what department it came from within the U. Very little information about the actual study.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there was as much distortion of the actual study as there was of Mr. Rodgers.

  4. Mark Dominus says:

    It sounded to me Fox was ridiculing the LSU professor for holding the views of Mr. Rogers that you ascribed to them.

    For example, when the female announcer asks the television audience if Mr. Rogers was “a force for good, or did he ruin a crop of our youngsters”, the other announcer bursts out laughing when she suggests that Rogers ruined the kids.

  5. Anonymous says:

    yeah, but some of the announcers say they back the study…

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  7. Anonymous Coward says:

    I do have to agree, FOX is retarded.

  8. Cober says:

    I cannot believe that lady said Mr. Rogers was an ‘evil, evil man’. Cue the ‘it was taken out of context crowd’…
    Seriously, Fox news is a disgrace.

  9. Pete says:

    Fox News is a cancer on society.

  10. Mark says:

    what the fuck!!!! its a tv show for kids!!! What a great show it was. I cannot believe people are really looking to blame Fred rogers for their kids issues! i cannot even believe this is an issue!!! if your kid is an ass, then look at yourself! he did not raise your kids you did. I met Fred on a plane trip to Canada. He was the most gracious person I have ever met. I would rather my kids be like him then anyone else! What assholes would think otherwise?????? I am ashamed this is news!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    OMG, people think that?!

  12. Katy says:

    I think Fox must have been taking acid when they decided to talk about this.
    Cause no one can be that stupid, right?

    Last time I checked, making kids feel good about themselves didn’t make a person evil…
    or have I just entered the fucking twilight zone?

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  18. CJ says:

    You have got to be kidding me! I just watched a few episodes of his show, and I was left in tears at how great of a man he was. I can’t believe that those reporters could say those atrocities with a straight face. They are horrible people for saying that Mr.Rogers was evil.

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